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The process of steel warehouse buildings installation:

1. Hoisting of the primary structure

2.The installation of the secondary structure

3. Roof panel and insulation installation

4.Wall panel and insulation installation

5, Trim, and flashing installation.

Installation Sequence of Metal Structures

  1. Hoisting of Primary Structure: Assembling roof beams on the ground, erecting steel columns, hoisting steel beams, connecting secondary structure, correcting primary structure deviations, installing crane beams, and mezzanine structure (optional).



Leading control quality: The deviation of the primary structure should meet the specifications and design requirements, and the high-strength bolts should meet the conditions at the beginning and end.

2. Secondary structure installation: tie rods, roof purlins, wall girt, roof and wall bracing, sag rod, etc.

Installation Sequence of Wall and Roof Panel

  1. Roof panel and insulation cotton installation: Install insulation cotton first, then install the roof panel (lay wire mesh under the insulation cotton to prevent the insulation cotton from falling off) 

Primary quality control: The roof panel is mainly a waterproof problem.

So it depends on the overlap between the metal sheet, nailing. And the fullness of the glue. The glue should wipe clean. The coating on the surface should not damage to prevent rust.


2. Wall panel installation: It is mainly wall insulation and wall panel installation.

Leading control quality: the wall surface is mainly an aesthetic problem and a window place waterproof problem.

There is also the problem of installation deviation.

For example, the bottom must flat, and the flatness deviation between the wall sheet must meet the requirements.

3. Trim and flashing installation: Gabe trims between the roof and wall, wall corner trim at the corner of the wall, the base trim between the wall panel and brick wall, the door and window trim, and so on.

Primary quality control: Trim and flashing are the last steps, and one of the main items of beautiful projects, so horizontal and vertical, is the most basic.

During the construction of the prefab steel warehouse buildings, as long as the installation completed in strict accordance with the construction process and corresponding procedures, so it can effectively avoid engineering problems caused by operating errors and speed up the progress of the project.


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