Steel structure of the boiler for National Power Plant 5A Co., Ltd. Thailand

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We produced the steel structure support and finished in 2013 from design and fabrication, it spends 35 days for steel fabrication and shipment.

Steel amount: 1 ,020 tons

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Steel structure includes the main structure (steel beams, columns), the secondary structure( purlin, steel bracing, tie-bar and etc.), roofing panel, cladding, sandwich panel and other accessories.

The steel structure is one type of structural steel which be used for making construction materials in different variety of shapes. Many structural steel shapes take the form of an elongated beam having a profile of a specific cross section. Structural steel shapes, dimension, chemical composition, mechanical properties such as strength, storage practices. They are regulated by international standards in most industrialized countries.

Most structural steel shapes such as I-beams, H columns have high second moments of area, which means they are very stiff in respect to their cross-sectional area and thus can support a high load without excessive sagging.

The steel structure is a rigid, lightweight, being connected by welding which constructed and connected with bolt in a geometric pattern in architecture and structural engineering.

We have strong design ability to supply the drawing with different standard such as ASTM, EC, GB, IS. And we mainly cooperated with international top brand EPC company including Thyssenkrupp, POSOCO, Global Thermax, SGTM, Jican.  The warehouse, workshop, steel support, pre-fabricated building, steel villa, module steel building, multi-floor building, roofing storage of limestone, coal and pre-homogenization, sport hall, aircraft hangar, grand standby bleacher, membrane structure, pipe truss in Philippines, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Morocco, Turkey, Mauritius, South Africa, Middle East, KSA and so on.

The structure is more and more popular because above-mentioned causes and it is very stable with safety technology. As first level supplier , ABC Engineering has the strong ability to supply not only design, fabricate and install but also  consultant for different industries and types of steel structure building to the worldwide.

Product Application 

Industry: Agriculture, Chemistry, metallurgy,  food processing, steel, shipbuilding, Textile and others. 

Product Advantages

1. Fast and easy installation, time saving and labor saving.

2. Customized design, various layout, beautiful appearances, different colors for the wall and roof

3. Lower steel weight, easy move and cost saving,

4. Removable,convenient to assemble or disassemble. Fast construction and easy installation

5. Environmentally, recycle, no waste produced 

6. High strength, can resistance earthquake in grade 8 water proof, fire proof, can resists strong wind and heavy snow.

7. Long service life : can be used formore than 50 years.

8. Wide span , single or multiple spans, can be reached 140m for single span.

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