Sports Center in Ximeng, China

Short Description:

Short Description:

Construction area: 22,000

Height:32 m

The details of material is as the follows.

Product Detail

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Pipes Q235, Q355



Bolt ball Cr 40



Bolt High strength bolt S8.8, S10.9


Cone head Q235



Purlin Section C,Z Galvanized


Roofing & Cladding Color panel Thickness: 0.5 mm

The handrail of comprehensive sport yard can be installed or uninstalled at any time. The ice of rink yard can be melted and then drain away to recovery a flat yard. To take normal sanitary and economic space, there are more than 3000 audience on the flexible bleacher. According to the international standard, 2 led screens can show competition content synchronously with advanced technology. In the center of sports ice yard, the temperature of ice can be reached till -17℃ to fill the gap that Siringhot cannot conduct ice movement in the summer.

ABC Engineering(Jiangsu) LLC completed this project from design, fabrication and installation in 2011. This oval roofing shed is mainly for the competition of sports. It is made from pipes mainly connected with bolt ball with lower steel amount and easier installation.

It must have a certain space of storing and work, that is to say, the structure must meet the requirement of a certain clear space. And the section appearance of effective used space is trapezium. The enveloping line  of operation space is approximate with arch.

The length and width will be confirmed by the requirement of the capacity of the equipment. The height of the structure will be confirmed by the showing pile and the operation requirement of audience seats. So, the characteristics of sports roofing space frame structure is that the span is big, the height is high and the covering area is big. this structure was developed already more than twenty years. The main structure includes flat steel frame, flat truss, arch and column face space frame.Comparing with technical and economical data of finished sports hall shed, column face space frame has the obvious advantage, currently it is become main structure method of sports center and stadium.

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