Pujiang County Center Sport Hall in China

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Jinzhou Sport Hall

Total area: 10 ,814 m2

Work scope: design, fabrication and installation in 2016

This membrane structure is the grand-standby bleacher in Jinzhou, China.

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Total area: 6,585 m2

Work scope: design, fabrication and installation in 2015.

The membrane structure is mainly used to build sport hall, exhibition hall, airport, train station and large span roofing. It is the structure with a thin, flexible surface that carries loads primarily through tensile stress. There are two main types: tent structures and pneumatic structures which mainly are supported by pipe truss.

Recent years, ABC Engineering focuses on building sewage treatment tank, gymnasium, car parking shed and so on. There are three types of membrane structure as the follows,

1.Linear membrane (tensile) structure

It is the structure in which all the members are in linear tensile forces. The linear members are supported by the compression members. But the major loads are carried out by tensile members.

2.Three-dimensional membrane (tensile) structure

Three-dimensional tensile structures is a compilation of elements that are primarily in tension, with the compression being transferred to a central mast and down into the ground. The most common occurrence of three-dimensional tension can be seen at sports arenas and usually serve as roofs for these structures.

3.Surface-stressed membrane (tensile )structure

Surface-stressed tensile structures are the same as other 2 tensile structures, but the surface members are tension bearing members. Fabric tensile structures are the great examples of Surface-stressed tensile structures, where the vertical pillars hold the specially designed fabric which is in tension. 

The membrane structure provides extra space for the designer to experiment with different shapes. The membrane fabric can even incorporate in artificial lighting which can add another aesthetic dimension to them.  It is not only a cost-effective solution but also an aesthetically pleasing one too. The tensile structures are a relatively newer concept which is just entering the international construction scenario and quickly gaining popularity. 

Application Scope

Sewage treatment tank, sports hall, gymnasium, steel bridge, great theater, car parking shed, large span roofing storage

Advantages of Tensile Structures

1.Owners and developers across the globe have discovered the advantages of building with tensile fabric building structures as opposed to traditional building products.  Whether you are looking for an entertainment venue such as an amphitheater, walkway coverage for travelers at transit stations, or a structure to make your athletic fields suitable for year-round competition, a tensile fabric building structure may be the ideal solution. Because it has the function as waterproof, long life service and stable structure.

2.When looking to cover large areas of space, the light weight nature of membrane is a better cost-effective solution for long span applications while allowing for the possibility of column-free space. As a result, tensile membrane requires less structural steel supports compared to traditional building products, ultimately reducing project costs for building owners.

The weight of the membrane in tensile structures is very less and consequently, the quantity of structural steel utilized to support the membrane is also minimal. Thus, the weight, as well as the overall cost of tensile structures is much less as compared to conventional roofing systems. As stainless steel is utilized, more useful space free of columns becomes available. As the weight of the structure is so little, it will not experience much acceleration forces under seismic action. 

3.The membrane material itself can withstand within the range of -40 ℃ to +70 ℃. Companies of warranty for their fabrics and usually the minimum life span of these structures is about 25 years. So it is more and more popular to build different shapes of roofing.

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