Project Case

It is solid waste material roofing shed for Shaoguan Steel Group in Guangzhou, China. We EPC this project and finished in 2019.

78m wide and 98m long from design, fabrication and installation, it spends 3 months for total course and awarded from the owner. Pipes were connected with bolt ball with easier assembly. In architecture and structural engineering, a space frame is a rigid, lightweight, truss-like structure constructed from interlocking struts in a geometric pattern. Space frames can be used to span large areas with few interior supports. Like the truss, a space frame is strong because of the inherent rigidity of the triangle, flexing loads (bending moments) are transmitted as tension and compression loads along the length of each strut.

 It is mineral material shed with 115m wide and 410m long in Hebei, China. We design, fabricate and install this storage and finished in 2018.

We mainly cooperated with international EPC company including Thyssenkrupp, POSOCO, Global Thermax, SGTM. And installed limestone, coal, pre-homogenization roofing storage, sport hall, aircraft hangar, grand standby bleacher, train station, gas station, membrane structure in Philippines, India, Indonesia, Malawi, Morocco, Turkey, Mauritius, South Africa, Middle East, KSA and so on.

Project Name: Coal storage of Ceke, Mentai Group

Span: 125m, Length:350m

Work scope: design, fabrication and installation

Finished time: 2017

Ha Tinh Steel Plant which was invested by Formasa Group with raw material storage and coal storage. Total area is 600,000 square meter. We contracted 200,000 square meter, four-span space frame, total steel amount is 6,800 tons. 

Dry coal shed for BEKIRLI2*600MW Power Plant in Turkey, Span is 130m , length is 138m, Height is 41m, finished in 2002.

Membrane structure Sihong Square, total area is 3,560㎡, design, fabrication and installation 

Membrane grandstandby bleacher for Nanjing Olympic Center 

Package of limestone storage for Shayona Cement Plant in Malawi

Steel support for equipment of Thailand Power Plant

Steel amount: 2300 tons

Finished time : 2013

Steel structure workshop in China

Length: 149.65m

Width: 57.4m

Finished time: 2016

Steel structure workshop 3 spans

Length: 165m

Width: 35+35+25 m

Height: 32m

Storage warehouse




It was designed, fabricated and installed by ABC Engineering in 2017. Steel amount of main structure is 152 tons.

The roofing of swimming pool in Cauayan City, Philippines

Length: 40m

Width: 9.68m

Design, fabrication and supervision from ABC Engineering.

Grandstandby bleacher for sport games in Cauayan City, Philippines

Length: 174m

Width: 25.3m

Design, fabrication and supervision from ABC Engineering

PEB Villa

It can be customized based on different requirement and standard.

The area: 50-300 m2, 1-5 floors.

Pujiang County Center Sport Hall

Total area: 6585 m2

Work scope: design, fabrication and installation in 2015

Jinzhou Sport Hall

Total area: 10,814 m2

Work scope: design, fabrication and installation in 2016