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Short Description:

Project Name: Decoration roofing of Tianning Sport Hall in China

Length: 115.86 m

Width: 29.375 m

Height: 15.2 m

Work scope: The pipe truss from design, fabrication and installation

Contract Period: 2019.7 – 2019.8

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This pipe truss roofing was built for Tianning Sport Hall in China. We are the EPC company of this project from design, fabrication and installation in 2019.  

Pipe truss structure is widely used as the roofing for different public building such as airport building, train station, grand standby bleacher, car parking shed, industrial facilities, shopping mall and so on.

Products application:

1. Sports facilities : The pipe truss structure is fully built for sports hall because of basic requirement including the large span and high clear space.And it constructs very fast with low cost and good self-clearing.

2. Transportation facilities : It is usually used as car parking shed, toll gate, gas station terminal, train station, airport mainly for keeping out wind and rain. The high cost performance is the main cause as transportation facilities.

3. Commercial facilities : The membrane structure is the architecture which perfectly state the rigid and softness, strength and beauty, it has high limberness with special and stylish decoration to become the first choice of commercial street as dining hall, shopping center, hotel and so on.   

4. Industrial facilities : The membrane structure can be removed easily with the advantage of lower construction cost, high utilization of space. So that it becomes most popular building in modern construction.

5. Landscape facilities: the membrane structure can perfectly integrate into and complement with the natural environment to form beautiful landscape.

The details of this pipe truss building is as the follows,a






Sports hall





Q355, Q345



Membrane material




Construction period

25 days


 We can supply the consultant , design , fabrication and installation according to different international standard. Welcome you to visit our company for more communication.

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