Xuzhou Xinyuan Volunteers Visited the Yang’s Family before Spring Festival


Xuzhou Xinyuan Volunteer Service Center visited the families with difficulties in the New Year 

On January 10, Xuzhou Xinyuan Volunteer Service Center helded a New Year visit to comfort families in need at the Zhishuxuan Art Museum, Chentang Village, Xuzhou,China.

Zheng Fusheng, the chairman of Xuzhou Xinyuan Volunteer Service Center, Zhang Wenyi, the director of the Artist Alliance, Xia Jinshan, the famous music educator, Wang Jiajin, the curator of the Xuzhou Anti-Japanese Memorial Hall, Sunny Wang, the chairman of the Artist Alliance Enterprises Federation, Li Yanfei, the executive chairman of the Xuzhou All-media Alliance, Sun Peitang, the writer, Wang Zhaopeng, the photographer, Wen Yue, the calligrapher and painter, Shi Bochun, Yang Guirong and his wife, representatives of families in difficulties in Chentang Village, attended the event.

The condolence event was hosted by Zhang Wenyi, the director of the Artist Alliance. Zheng Fusheng, the “Xuzhou Baoer”, delivered a passionate speech. On behalf of the Xuzhou Xinyuan Association Volunteer Service Center and caring people, he sent New Year’s greetings to families in need, and gave condolence money and Spring Festival food; Yang Guirong, the representative of the families  introduced the situation of the couple’s poverty caused by illness, thanked the caring people in the society for their care and help to the family, and said that they should learn from Zheng Fusheng, a hard-headed teacher, and strive to improve themselves and educate their children well; Representatives of caring people, Sunny Wang, Sun Peitang and Wang Jiajin, spoke first and then, and donated cash, milk, calligraphy and painting to needy families on the spot; Jiang Dongzi, a calligrapher of the hundred art schools, wrote 30 sets of New Year couplets for volunteers and families in need to express the New Year’s blessings; The Art 100 also donated the Collection of Chinese Blind Ren Changji’s Poems and Sculptures to needy families and heartfelt volunteers; Zhishuxuan Art Museum presented Xuzhou specialty Chen Tangqingfang to the volunteers participating in the event.

During the event, the staff of Xuzhou Xinyuan Volunteer Service Center also carried out on-site free clinic of traditional Chinese medicine and drug donation activities; Xia Jinshan, a famous singer, sang songs with both voice and emotion for the volunteers, bringing the sympathy activities to a climax.

It is reported that when the New Year comes, the New Year visit and condolence activities carried out by Xuzhou Xinyuan Volunteer Service Center have been carried out for 20 years, and have sent love and New Year greetings to more than 200 families in need, which has been praised by all sectors of society.










Post time: Jan-10-2023