Spend the New Year with the Aritist in Arts Alliance Enterprise Confedration(AAEC) of Xuzhou

Mr. Zhang Wenyi, the president of Arts Alliance, invited 15 members of Arts Alliance Enterprise Confedration of Xuzhou to open the conversazione at ” Art Gallery of Zhi Shu Xuan” in Port District of Xuzhou, China on Jan.2, 2022.
We discussed and communicated the work in 2021 and the future arrangement about AAEC in 2022. We achieved fruitful work results such as we conducted a series of communication and discussion around learning the history of the Communist Party, doing practical things, carrying forward Chinese culture, and excavating the roots of Xuzhou regional culture. New progress has been made in reliving the red memory, exploring ancient villages, creating fine literary and artistic works and building cultural and tourism brands in 2021.

We have reached a consensus that Arts Alliance should always adhere to the correct political direction. And we should integrate the grasp of politics with the development of artistic creation and culture and tourism, carry forward the excellent culture, eulogize the spirit of the times, reflect people’s life, transmit positive energy, reflect the socialist core values, and sing the main melody of the times with excellent artistic works in the process of continuing to explore the ancient villages in Xuzhou; We should further highlight the characteristics of regional folk culture, carefully plan and create a cultural logo with high recognition of Huaihai Economic Zone, expand and strengthen the characteristic cultural brands such as Jiaomo painting in Pengcheng, the search for the ancient village of the Grand Canal and the promotion of local cultural and tourism products, so as to enhance the urban influence of Xuzhou; Firmly establish the awareness of serving the people, base on the big pattern, make big plans, go deep into the front line, go deep into life, explore vivid stories and typical characters, launch a number of activities and fine arts with distinctive themes, meaningful and thick, great social impact and public praise, tell Xuzhou stories and spread Xuzhou’s voice; To realize the integrated development of art, culture and tourism, we need to pay attention to the creative work of cultural and art workers, build a good team of talents, and cultivate and attract more excellent young cultural and tourism professionals and art talents.

Sunny, the president of AAEC wrote the ” 福“ (Good Luck) as the gift to the attendee. We galdly took the group photo after the conversazione.

座谈会上,大家畅所欲言,气氛热烈;艺术百家企业联合会开展了新春送福活动;知书轩艺术馆推介了陈塘村出产的地方美食荷叶腐乳;会后,大家在新开馆的知书轩艺术馆门前愉快合影留念。Jan. 2, 2022

Post time: Jan-02-2022