Solemnly held the seminar and reading party of coke ink painting

The seminar and reading party of Mr. Peitong Ma’s coke ink painting was held in Xuzhou, China on Sept.25, 2022. The attendees are Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Weisheng Zhang from the People’s Livelihood Art Academy,Professor, Mr. Liangyong Mei from Jiangsu Normal University, Professor, Mr. Deling Feng from a Military Academy, Professor, Mr. Yiwei Song from Xuzhou University of Technology, Honorary dean,Mr. Yongjun Liu from Xuzhou Xuzhou Taoist Calligraphy and Painting Institute, Deputy president, Mr. Shujie Yan from Jiangsu Fetival Culture Promotion Association and other scholars and experts(totally 30 memebers).


Pure black gives people a kind of mysterious deep feeling. And ink paintings arise and develop, which is the thing the painters want to in a primitive and plain spirit system. Mr. Peitong Ma combined traditional culture into the coke ink painting. His painting is very impressive and his contribution is great. It collects shell and bone writing, hieroglyph, cliff painting,Han portrait stone carvings to confirm aesthetic orientation and form speical personality language. He seeks classicality with full of implication to make innovations for Chinese coke ink painting.



The attendee discussed and communicated the developement and promotion of the series coking ink painting. and Mr. Peitong Ma will  promote further the spread of Chinese culture and art in all fields of society.


Post time: Sep-27-2022