Popular Usage of Space Frame- Selbyville, Delaware, Oct. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

      The global market has recently added a new report on space frame market which estimates the global market valuation for space frame will cross US$ 600 million by 2026. The growing innovations in building techniques have resulted in the increasing adoption of space frames.

    The adoption of advanced industrial structures along with the increasing demand for lightweight materials is projected to amplify the market growth. Space frames are obtaining wide popularity across the globe and are widely seen in sports arenas, exhibition pavilions, transportation terminals, warehouses, assembly halls, airplane hangars, live concerts, and workshops. These frames are not only used on long span roof tops but also find usage in canopies, floors, and exterior walls. These structures also help in hosting various sports tournaments, music concerts, and mass gatherings with the benefit of extension & contraction, bolstering the space frame market over the future years.

     ABC Engineering LLC focused on different types and appearances roofing storage since 2004. We specializes in design, fabrication and installation for large span roofing shed for power plant, cement plant, public building such as sport hall, museum, shopping mall, multi-storey module steel structure building, pipe truss, prefabricated house and villa, membrane structure to worldwide such as India, Indonesia, Philippines, KSA, Kazakhstan, Malawi, Malaysia, Algeria, Morocco, Middle East,Turkey and etc.

     We cooperated with top brand EPC contractor including POSCO, Thyssenkrupp, Samsung, Jican, Thermax Global, SGTM,Vedenta to supplying space frame including

1. Coal shed, limestone storage, pre-homo storage, large span roofing shed of power plant and cement plant,

2. Sport hall, grand-standby hall, car parking shed, canopy, toll gate, gas station,

3. Aircraft hangar, airport terminal, train station roofing, maintenance workshop for airplane/ train,

4. Prefabricated villa and house, module multi-floor building, temporary labour house on the site

We will continue to supply qualified projects based on our high and speedy design ability, accurate fabrication, excellent supervision and installation to the worldwide.


Post time: Mar-02-2021