Pengzu Health Food and Huishengtang held a New Year’s Party

       Pengzu Health Care Food Wishing New Year’s Party was held in Xuzhou Cultural Expo Park On January 12, 2023. Leaders and guests from Xuzhou Festival Culture Promotion Association, Xuzhou Folklore Society, Artist Alliance, Xuzhou Local Products Chamber of Commerce and other units attended the event.

       Zhang Wenyi, director of the Artist Alliance presided over the fraternity.  

       Chairman Li Yaohui, Pengzu Health Food and Huishengtang delivered a New Year’s greetings and introduced the series of health care products. The guest representatives Yan Shujie, Song Wei, Xia Jinshan, Sunny Wang, Sun Peitang, Liao Wen, etc. made speeches successively, focusing on the theme of promoting the Pengzu culture, expanding the health industry, and promoting the people’s health in the post-epidemic era, and providing suggestions for the development of Wison Hall; The famous singers Xia Jinshan, Zhang Ling and Li Dexiang are welcome to cheer for the fraternity with their passionate songs.

        During the event, the Artisit Aliiance Enterpriese Federation also held a blessing activity to write Spring Festival couplets, The artists presented the Huishengtang with seal cutting, calligraphy and painting, painting collection, literature collection, etc.

         It is reported that Huishengtang Wumei Paste and Bazhen Crisp series products developed by Pengzu Health Care and Huishengtang in cooperation with China Medical University and other units have been favored by consumers after being put on the market.


Post time: Jan-12-2023