Opening Ceremony of Xuzhou Hanwang Community Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition,China

Xuzhou Hanwang Community Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition


On Nov. 20, 2022, the opening ceremony of Xuzhou Hanwang Community Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition was hosted by the Cultural and Sports Bureau of Tongshan District, Tongshan District Federation of Literary and Artistic, and Hanwang Town People’s Government, and organized by Hanwang Town Community Education Center, Hanwang Town Retired Teachers Association, and Zhang Boying Academy, was grandly opened at Zishan Cultural Square in Hanwang Town which is a picturesque and outstanding place. Miao Jianhua, Deputy Mayor of Hanwang Town, announced the opening of Hanwang Community Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition.



The exhibition displayed more than 40 congratulatory works of famous Xuzhou calligraphers and painters and more than 200 works of more than 60 provincial, municipal, district calligraphers’ associations and artists’ associations in Hanwang Town, mainly reflecting the prosperity of calligraphy and painting resources in Hanwang community and the enthusiasm of the public to participate. The exhibition was rich in content and diverse in forms, and calligraphy, seal cutting, long scroll, sketch and other fine works were also presented.




Yao Jian, chairman of Tongshan District Federation of Literary and Art Circles, told reporters at the exhibition site: “Hanwang Town has a profound culture, a galaxy of talents, and a long style of writing. The community painting and calligraphy exhibition is a concrete measure to consolidate the Han Dynasty painting and calligraphy art platform by taking advantage of the demonstration effect of the” Jiangsu Province Community Painting and Calligraphy Education Brand “. The painting and calligraphy exhibition makes the community culture become a common practice, so that art can go deep into real life in the new era and reach the masses of the people, Taking the people as the center as the majority of writers and artists to spread positive energy and pursue the ideological realm of virtue and artistry. Calligraphers and painters are encouraged to be grounded, increase their talents and produce their works, so that the art of calligraphy and painting can enter the lives of the people. Calligraphy and painting works beautify life and purify the soul, increase the participation of the masses in the construction of “harmonious countryside”, and yearn for a better life, so that “the great beautiful Hanwang” will bloom in the hearts of people.


Post time: Nov-20-2022