Liu Xueyi Calligraphy Art Museum was opened in Xuzhou,China

On January 15, the opening of the Xuzhou old calligrapher Liu Xueyi Calligraphy Art Museum and the reception ceremony were held in Xuzhou Liuwu Village, China.


The leaders of Xuzhou Folk Custom Association, Xuzhou 68th Army Companion Group, Xuzhou Art Hundred Cultural Tourism Team, Xuzhou All-media Alliance, Tongshan District Calligraphers Association, Tongshan District Chinese Culture Research Association, Maocun Town Cultural Station, Liuwu Village Party Branch, Village Committee and Liu Xueyi attended the ceremony.


At the ceremony, the leaders of Liuwu Village Committee first delivered a welcome speech; Teacher Wang Jin read out the resume of Liu Xueyi’s calligraphy art; Hu Limeng, the head of Maocun Cultural Station, Zhao Jinbiao, the vice chairman of Tongshan District Calligraphy Association, and Lu Mingde, the 68th Military Fellow Association of Xuzhou City, made speeches to warmly congratulate the opening of the Liu Xueyi Calligraphy Art Museum and the reception ceremony, and looked forward to Mr. Liu Xueyi’s Calligraphy Art Museum becoming a beautiful cultural card in the construction of the Liuwu Canal Cultural Ancient Village, adding luster to the development of Xuzhou’s culture and art.


After the opening of the Liu Xueyi Calligraphy Art Museum, a ceremony was held for the entrepreneur Wang Hong to worship Mr. Liu Xueyi. Wang Hong read the letter of worship, offered tea to the teacher, saluted the teacher, and took a group photo after the teachers and students gave gifts to each other, winning the applause of the guests at the scene.

During the event, Liu Xueyi’s teachers and students wrote Spring Festival couplets to send blessings to the villagers in Liuwu, Ni Jinxiang’s calligraphy observation exhibition, and Liu Xueyi’s calligraphy academic seminar were also held, which were welcomed by the participants and the villagers at the scene.

Liu Xueyi, a native of Xuzhou,China with 81 years old. He was originally a member of the 68th Army artillery regiment, and later worked professionally at the Xuzhou Liguo Iron Mine. He is a member of the China Senior Calligraphers Association, a member of the Jiangsu Provincial Calligraphers Association, and the vice president of the Zhishuxuan Painting Academy. He has been obsessed with the calligraphy art for many years. His calligraphy works are fresh and beautiful, elegant, and unique. He has far-reaching influence in the cultural and artistic circles and is widely favored by calligraphy fans.


Post time: Jan-15-2023