Light Steel Housing System

As we know, the prefabricated steel structure house has the very good safety and comfort property. Many peoples want to know more details and build this kind of house. It occurs solid wall light steel villa in current market, but how to construct it? Solid wall light steel villa use light steel as architectural frame to support and bear the loads. It uses steel plate stiffener net to cover steel structure for reinforcing and connection. It improves the totality of steel structure and uses foamed concrete as filling material of roof and wall. The steel structure and steel net glue have been integrated to form light insulation wall, roofing, flooring to form one total architectural structure system.

Foundation: The weight of prefabricated steel structure house is very light, not more than 1/3 of brick and concrete structure. So its foundation is easier than concrete house and different from the traditional house. It only needs one flat concrete.

The material: Light steel joist is double side of galvanized steel plate, it has good ductility to assure the house will not break down after earthquake.  The light steel housing system is very closely with wood structure housing. It is accepted by more and more people because the advantage as the follows,

1. The characteristics of structure is good, better strength and good anti-seismic function

2. The steel material can be recycled, can protect the environment more than brick and concrete house

3. It is fabricated in the factory to assure the quality

4. Light self-weight, save the construction cost

5. Short installation period without dust, pollute water at the site

6. Small structural section, column and thin wall, the architectural area is bigger

Our company focused on reaching and developing, designing, fabricating and installing different appearance of light steel prefabricated house, modular building, light steel villa based on different requirement. And the products have been exported to Lebanon, Australia,Saudi Arabia and so on.


Post time: Apr-15-2021