Celebrity Chefs’Dinner was held successfully in Xuzhou,China

On January 4, the fifth Chinese Warm Mutton Festival (Xuzhou) and the Chinese Mutton Food Culture Invitational Tournament of Pengzhizu Taste Cup in 2022 was successfully held in Xuzhou, Jiangsu.

Famous chefs from all over the country gathered in Minnan Seafood Restaurant in Xuzhou to show their skills and compete for the grand prize. Leaders of Jiangsu Provincial Festival Culture Promotion Association, Xuzhou Folk Custom Society, Xuzhou Taoist Association, Xuzhou Chef Industry Association, Suqian Chef Industry Association, Lianyungang Chef Industry Association, Xuzhou All Media Alliance and other units and departments, artists’ representatives and food lovers attended the opening ceremony.

At the closing ceremony, Qi Mingchun, President of Xuzhou Chef Association, delivered a warm speech; At the same time, he awarded the honorary certificate and Yu Ruyi for the 50th anniversary of the chef Xie Jinhua of Xuzhou; The artists performed wonderful dances, songs, operas and martial arts programs, which won the applause of the guests on the scene; Painters and calligraphers splashed ink and created excellent works on the spot, congratulating the opening of the competition.

On Jan. 4th, contestants from all over the country competed for the grand prize of the invitational competition on the spot, to continue to write a new chapter in order to promote Pengzu’s food culture, promote regional economic development, and meet the citizens’ demand for innovation in traditional food during the Spring Festival.



Post time: Jan-06-2023