● Input: 1. Steel space frame geometry modeling 2. Load applications and related combinations ● Process: 1. Individual frame stress calculation 2. Selection of rod sections and sphere dimensions, with reduction of interferences and use of a continuously updatable dataset ● Output: 1. 3D structure design on .dwg and .dxf files 2. Project rendering 3. Assembly designs of steel space frames 4. Structure calculation report pursuant to applicable laws in each country 5. List of required components for structure construction 6. Cutting list and manufacturing BOM for steel tubes 7. CAM file for steel spherical node drilling ● Component Building: 1. Forging of spherical nodes and cones for steel space frames 2. Manufacturing of bolts and nuts 3. Manufacturing of steel space frame rods 4. Drilling of steel spherical nodes through a 5 degrees of freedom machining center ● Surface Treatments: 1. Painting according to the requirement 2. Powder coating and heating in furnace Shipment & Transportation Installation Ground Mounting: 1.First, some meshes of the lower member are mounted by fixing rods to nodes and tightening the screws in the provided sphere holes; 2.Then, the first diagonals are mounted using the same method described above, thus creating a first tetrahedron; 3.Finally, a second tetrahedron is mounted and upper member spheres are connected by the rods; 4.This sequence is repeated until all spheres and rods of the structure are mounted. Overhead Lifting: After the ground mounting phase, the overhead mounting needs to be performed. The structure must be secured with textile ropes of appropriate capacity. Lifting shall occur in two steps: 1.First, the structure is lifted from the ground by few centimeters (inches) and kept hanging for a few minutes so to observe its performance and check its perfect flatness. 2.If there are no issues with the first lifting, the final lifting and positioning of the structure can be carried out. If the structure size prevents mounting in a single element, it shall be performed by segments. Mounting methods of individual segments are similar to the ones described above.

Post time: May-31-2021