Light Steel Villa

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Total area: 129.45 per set

Floor: 1-5 floors

ABC Engineering will design, produce and install the villa and house according to the requirement.

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Light steel villas compared to traditional homes, has its outstanding advantages:

(1) light steel structure accessories has a highdegree of production and mechanization, and high degree of commercialization.

(2) light steel villa have rapid construction speed on-site, will not affect the nearby residents.

(3) Light steel villa is environmental friendly sustainable development products.

(4) light steel villa have light weight, good seismic performance.

(5) light steel villa are not cost higher than the reinforced concrete structure.

(6) light steel villas compared to brick and concrete housing, you can avoid the waste of resources brought by soil burning brick

(7) light steel villa have small wall thickness, compare with the brick and concrete structure, increase the effective usable area;

(8) Light steel villas Compared with reinforced concrete buildings, steel can be recycled, but concrete can no. Concrete need 40 years to all dry , easy to cause indoor moisture, which is not conducive to human health. Meanwhile light steel structure do no have such problem.

(9) light steel villa havegood seismic performance. As the activities of the earthquake is left and right activities, so with the screw’s help, the light steel structure composed as a safe and stable box, will not collapse to harm the personal safety during the earthquake.

(10) light steel villa construction using dry construction method, will not cause water waste. And save the cost.

Light steel structure of the technology and product configuration is very mature, high degree of industrialization, is the crystal of nearly a hundred years of building technology and building materials industry development in the world. The galvanized steel sheet used in the building structure is excellent in corrosion resistance and has a useful life of 100 years under normal service.

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