Light steel villa in Canada – 3

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Total area: 226per set

Floor: 2 floors

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The cost of light steel villa will be different based on the level and requirement of material about main structure, insulation material, interior and exterior wall. The cost of light steel villa includes the price of the material and installation. It excludes the cost of the foundation. We will customize according to the requirement.

Basic Technical Feature

1. High stability of structure

2. Industrialism              

3. Fabrication speed    

4. Suitable for any type of foundation

5. The construction will be impacted very less  

6. Personal design

7. Utilization area can be reached 92%

8. Diverse appearance

9. Energy-saving and comfort

10. High rate of re-use

The Performance of Light Steel Villa

1. Earthquake proof : It can resist Grade 9 of seismic

2. Wind resistance: It can resist the hurricane with wind speed as 70m/s, wind resistance is Grade 12.

3. Service life: The service life of main structure is 50 years.

4. Usage rate: Light steel villa has 5%-13% more than traditional building

5. Fire proof: The time of fire proof can be reached 1-4 hours according to different design.

6. Sound insulation: The sound insulation of exterior wall can be reached to 65dB, the sound insulation of interior wall can be reached to 455dB.

7. Heat insulation: Use composite sandwich wall with thickness 100mm

8. Environmental protection: The material of steel structure can be recovered fully, other material can be recovered mostly.

9. Energy saving: The rate of energy saving is about 65% more than traditional building material when using new type of building material with the function of insulation material.

10. Construction period: Pre-assembly is very simple and easy work, shorten the construction period less 1/2 than traditional construction.

ABC Engineering ( Jiangsu) LLC has been exported the light steel villa to Australia,Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Canada,South Africa, Nigeria and other countries. 

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