Light Steel Villa – 2

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Total area: 120- 355.69 per set

Floor: 1-3 floors

Material: Q235, 2355, galvanized section

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ABC Engineering & Trading (Jiangsu) LLC built the 120 sets of villas for “ New Rural Construction ”in Yunnan Province of China in 2018. We pay special attention towards adhering to the highest standards of quality. We offer complete solutions right from the design to the erection phase to ensure creations of structures that are not only compatible with client needs but also offer the assurance of long life and great functionality. It mainly includes steel frame, truss, beams, flooring, doors,tiles, wall and roof system.


Light steel villas are more and more popular because it has its outstanding advantages as the follows,

1.Suitable for extreme and different climate, it can endure 9 grade seismic, 12 grade hurricane,

1500mm snow load, 2.5 hours fire resistance.

2. Moisture-proof and great ventilation design

3.  Long service life span up till 50 years

4. Dry construction and recycled building materials, environment-friendly

5. Short construction period, it will save up to 50% time of construction

Light steel structure of the technology and product configuration is very mature, high degree of industrialization. It is the crystal of nearly a hundred years of architectural building technology and building materials industry development in the world. The galvanized steel sandwich sheet used in the building structure is excellent in corrosion resistance and has a useful life of 100 years under normal service. The design of light steel villa allows people to enjoy the happy life with lower cost and easier assembly.

It is widely used to build the house in travelling area, apartment, multi-floor building, hotel, dorms and so on. Currently, we have exported to America, Africa, Australia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Saudian Arabia, Syria, Kazakhstan, Korea and other countries.

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