Gate of Jiangmen Mining Company,Chhina

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Project name: the Gate of Jiangmen Mining Company

Material: Q345B

Steel amount:65 tons

Construction time: May, 2022

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Pipe truss is a thermoplastic composite, double-wall pipe with concentric inner and outer walls braced by a truss-type structure. The truss voids are filled with lightweight Mearlcrete for additional stiffness and compressive strength.

The pipe truss, with a 200 psi pipe stiffness, provides the necessary pipe stiffness to help prevent pipe deflection in small diameter sanitary sewer construction.

ABC Engineering can design, fabricate and install the different types of pipe truss according to the requirement.

Types of trusses
  • Simple truss – indicates a single triangular truss. These trusses are most often used as the roof trusses.
  • Planar truss – as the name implies it is a two dimensional truss. …
  • Space frame truss – Contrast to planar truss, the members and the nodes are located in the three dimensional space.    

Steel roof trusses are usually more expensive than wooden trusses, but they do last a lot longer than timber and require very little maintenance.

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