Dry Coal Shed for White Cement Plant in Saudi Arabia

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Width: 50 m

Length: 170 m

Height: 26.5 m

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The details of material is as the follows,






Pipes Q235, Q355



Bolt ball Cr 40



Bolt High strength bolt S10.9


Cone head Q235



Purlin Section C,Z Galvanized


Roofing & Cladding Color panel Thickness:0.5 mm


Surface treatment Powder coating Yellow

This coal roofing shed was designed, fabricated and supervised by ABC Engineering (Jiangsu) LLC in 2018.

Potential of steel market for a space frame structure

The international structural steel market is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period owing to factors such as the increasing demand from the manufacturing sector, the rising preference towards pre-engineered buildings and components, and government initiatives for infrastructure development activities. The expected increase in steel prices due to the increase in the price of coking coal, primary raw material used to manufacture steel, governmental regulations and restrictions on the manufacturing of steels to reduce adverse effects on the environment have been identified to be few of the major challenges faced by the structural steel fabrication market in the worldwide.

Curvature classification of a space frame structure

1.Space plane covers: These spatial structures are composed of planar substructures. Their behavior is similar to that of a plate in which the deflections in the plane are channeled through the horizontal bars and the shear forces are supported by the diagonals

2. Barrel vaults: This type of vault has a cross-section of a simple arch. Usually, this type of space frame does not need to use tetrahedral modules or pyramids as a part of its backing.

3. Spherical domes and other compound curves usually require the use of tetrahedral modules or pyramids and additional support from a skin.

ABC Engineering (Jiangsu) LLC can supply consultant, design,fabrication and installation of steel structure, space frame, pipe truss, membrane structure and prefabricated steel building.

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