Dry Coal Shed for Neimenggu Boyuan Energy Group

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Width: 124 m

Length: 410 m

Height:35.2 m

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The details of material is as the follows,






Pipes Q235, Q355



Bolt ball Cr 40



Bolt High strength bolt S8.8, S10.9


Cone head Q235



Purlin Section C,Z Galvanized


Roofing & Cladding Color panel Thickness:0.5 mm

Product Description  

ABC Engineering LLC contracted this project from design, fabrication and installation in 2017. This linear roofing shed is mainly for storing the coal. Space Frames are amongst the most weight efficient form of light weight steel structures. Elements and nodes are separated and bolted together to form frames. Geometrical shapes can be either curved, flat or circular, with many variations on grid types.  Global application of space frame is more and more because of it can be installed with different appearances with lower cost, quicker construction period and environmental protection.

It is rectangular square pyramid roofing structure which connect with bolt ball.

Classification by the arrangement of a space frame structure 

➢ Single-layer grid: All elements are located on the surface to be approximated.

➢ Double layer grid: Elements are organized in two layers parallel to each other at a certain distance apart. Each of the layers forms a lattice of triangles, squares or hexagons in which the projection of the nodes in a layer may overlap or be displaced relative to each other. Diagonal bars connect the nodes of both layers in different directions in space. In this type of meshes, the elements are associated into three groups: upper cordon, cordon and cordon lower diagonal.

➢ Triple-layer grid: Elements are placed in three parallel layers, linked by the diagonals. They are almost always flat.

The flexibility and rigidity of space frame structure are immensely growing and in coming days will soon captivate the markets. Its aesthetics and design outlook makes it a worthy option. Apart from the pointers discussed above, in a series of upcoming article we will discuss on several other specifications and advantages of a space frame structure.

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