Coal shed space frame

Short Description:

Short Description:

Width: 95.5m

Length: 220m

Contructin time: 5 months including fabrication

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This roofing storage is the coal shed which be made of space frame. It was built for Changtian Mining Group in China. Space frames are lightweight rigid roofing systems consisting of a series of connectors that join together the chords (or struts) and bracing members. Their strength derives from the rigidity of the triangle, with the flexing loads being transmitted as tension and compression loads along the length of each chord. Most space frames are fabricated from structural steel or aluminium alloy tubes. Buckminster Fuller pioneered the use of space frames in the 1960s for his geodesic dome structures.

Long span roofs are generally defined as those that exceed 12 m in span. Long span roofs can create flexible, column-free internal spaces and can reduce substructure costs and construction times. They are commonly found in a wide range of building types such as factories, warehouses, agricultural buildings, hangars, large shops, public halls, gymnasiums and arenas.Their primary functions are, similar to normal roofs, typically, protecting against the weather, restricting the spread of fire, providing sound and thermal insulation and so on. However, as they may offer the only structural system other than the perimeter walls, they may also have to provide support for building services, access routes, lifting equipment, lighting, and so on.

Long span roofs can be fabricated in from a number of materials, such as steel, aluminium alloy, timber, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete. Steel is often preferred due to its high strength and because it will not spread fire over its surface. The design of long span steel and (steel-concrete) composite beams is generally carried out in accordance with ASTM, IS, BS, GB and other standards according to the requirement.

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