Coal shed of China Datang Corporation

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Place of Construction: Neimenggu, China

Diameter: 106m,

Height: 35.5 m

Work scope: The dome shed from design, fabrication and installation

Contract Period: 2016.3 – 2016.8

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This coal roofing shed is circular storage to covering raw coal of power plant of China Datang Corporation in China. We contracted this project and finished the production in Oct. 2016. China Datang Corporation is our long term cooperation partner. We built its projects not only in China but also abroad.

The material details of this shed is as the follows,






Pipes Q235, Q355



Bolt ball Cr 40



Bolt High strength bolt S10.9


Cone head Q235



Purlin Section C, Z Galvanized


Roofing & Cladding Color panelTransparent panel Thickness:0.5mmThickness:1.0mm

Product Details

It can be built as large span roofing shed for

1. The cement plant, power plant as coal storage, limestone shed, pre-homonization shed and other material roofing storage

2. Public building: exhibition hall, museum,school, meeting hall, sports stadium, church roofing, train station, airport, aircraft hangar and so on.

The space frame mainly includes three types: 1. Flat truss 2. Four corners pyramid 3. Three corners pyramid

The material of space frame mainly includes 1. Carbon steel space frame 2. Stainless steel space frame

The installation method of space frame mainly include:

1. Totality lifting : the space frame is pre-assemblied on the floor in advance and then totally lifted by the crane .

2. Small unit installation: Pre-assembly one small parts and then lift to be installed in the air.

ABC Engineering & Trading (Jiangsu) LLC can produce 20,000 tons of steel structure and 25,000 space frame per year in our two factories. Welcome you to visit our factory for more communication. We can supply the best solution based on your detailed requirement.

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