Coal shed of Mengtai Steam International Group

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Width: 100 m

Length: 300 m

Height:36 m

The details of material is as the follows

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The details of our factory is as the follows,






Pipes Q235, Q355



Bolt ball Cr 40



Bolt High strength bolt S8.8, S10.9


Cone head Q235



Purlin Section C,Z Galvanized


Roofing & Cladding Color panel Thickness:0.5 mm

This project is the roofing shed to store the dry coal material for Mengtai Steam International Group in China. ABC Engineering (Jiangsu) LLC designed, fabricated and installed it in 2018. We spent six months to finish all work. Currently, space frame is the better engineering solution to built coal shed, limestone shed, pre-homoginizaiton shed, large span roofing storage, sport hall, museum, great theater, roofing for train station, aircraft hangar and other public buildings. It has more efficient weight than civil building. The steel pipes are connected by bolt balls to form big or small grids. It is widely to build various form of building because it can be designed with beautiful appearance according to the detailed requirement.

The space frame is the good solution for large span roofing shed, current span can be reached as 140 meter. The covering area is very big with easy installation and fast construction. The characteristics of the space frame structure is as the follows,

1. Big rigidity, small deformation, average distribution of reaction

2. Light self-weight, save material

3. Many appearance, flexible usage

We arrange the quality control by our own staff and the third party for every project. Following the Chinese standard, all raw material must have qualified certification,production date. It includes steel, bolt ball, pipes, high strength bolt, support, bracket,sleeve, cone head, seal board and pin. The chemical composition and mechanical test also must be checked accordingly.

The material must be classified and stacked on the crosstie and covered by waterproof cloth to keep dry after arriving on the site. The installation will be followed by the supervision of the engineer.

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