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ABC Engineering is committed to providing Multi-Family, Hospitality and Assisted Living builders with the most technologically advanced prefabricated systems as an alternative to wood framing. Light gauge, load bearing prefab steel framing solutions helps maximize the project efficiency, shorten the construction schedule, which avail the developers quicker revenue generation while lowering the holding adn operating cost for developers, general contractors, architects, engineers and framing contractors.

Based in Xuzhou,China, our 50,000 SM facility offers top-tier cold-formed prefabricated LGS manufacturing technologies, including fully-integrated modular panelization manufacturing, assembly and installation services.
01 State-of-the-art Cold-Formed Steel Machinery/Facility.
02 A Seasoned, BIM Design and Engineering Team.
03 Integrated Prefab; Wall, Floor & Truss Assembly.
04 Fully integrated LGS Volumetric Modules.
05 Knowledgeable, Ambitious, Passionate, Profession

The BIM Design

ABC Design team provides Clash Detection and Eliminates construction conflicts between subs therefore reduces change orders and speeds up the construction. The detailing process also allows ABS the ability to convert into machine language to produce through the roll forming equipment. We can design following AS, BS,GB and so on. Currently, Chinese standard is very similar with international design standard to reach clients’ requirement.

was established as an integrated division of our team’s core mission and competency of providing offsite construction and development ingenuity to our client base. In the last decade, we recognized our client’s challenges in low to mid-rise housing developments, as well as their interest in offsite, prefabricated, modular and pre-panelized wall framing. In most cases, typical onsite construction process represented lack of coordination, inconsistent quality control and dependency on skilled labor, which led to project delays and change orders. Consequently, bringing these projects to a controlled environment with standard labor wages manifested a profitable development opportunity. The second issue developers faced was the long-term maintenance cost required due to deterioration of the wood framing systems. But for years the light gauge steel framing system represented a much more expensive option.

After careful analysis of the market sector, ABS decided to invest in ways to bringing the future of LGS solutions to the developers at a more competitive cost. By establishing state-of-the-art, ICC certified cold-formed light gauge steel manufacturing facility and world leading integrated CFS roll forming equipment, which ensured the height quality production while eliminating the dependency on skilled manual labor. Additional, ABS invested in its own BIM department to coordinate and detail all the components needed to produce the projects’ framing systems and eliminate change orders and delays.

In addition to the prefab light gauge steel load bearing framing systems, ABS is in the process of rolling out its LGS Volumetric Modules for 2 local development totaling 173 units and a program of over 1000 ADU units for the city of Los Angeles ranging in size from 200-700 square-foot each.

Today, ABC is a top-tier light gauge steel provider in the state of California. We operate a fully integrated 50,000 square-foot manufacturing and assembly facility ready to deliver and erect your next Multi-family housing.

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